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Business valuation services in Dubai help entrepreneurs exchange a strategic sale of their company to obtain a fair price, reduce the management’s financial risk during a trial, etc. Your business plans are significantly impacted by your corporation’s value.

When a business is being restructured through mergers, acquisitions, or takeovers, business valuation is also crucial.

It is not an easy task to find reliable valuation companies in Dubai, thanks to the competitive industry. However, with British Arabian you can rest assured! The best calibre business valuation services in Dubai are provided by British Arabian, which was founded in 2009 to also provide other services relating to real estate. As panel valuers for numerous banks and financial institutions in the UAE and MENA area, we have a comprehensive understanding of the UAE real estate market.

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Business Valuation in Dubai and UAE

The local economy has experienced a tremendous boom as a result of various businesses establishing their bases in Dubai. But with so many organizations in the nation competing for the attention of the consumers, the level of competition has skyrocketed, making it essential for businesses to assure appropriate business  valuation in Dubai. Companies cannot afford to take a sloppy approach under any circumstances given the stringent requirements of business operations and company valuation in Dubai that must be followed.  

As a business owner, you must not only ensure your company’s position in Dubai’s fiercely competitive market but also ensure that your company saw significant growth by assuring the smooth completion of all necessary procedures. What, however, would you prioritize? Managing daily routine chores or developing and putting into practice a growth strategy? Unfortunately, managing several aspects of business valuation, and operations at once can be quite challenging and may divert your attention. This is why you need to seek out expert advice and help from professionals in the field that have a ton of expertise offering commercial business valuation services in Dubai UAE. 

Valuation Services For all businesses in UAE

Dubai: We are one of the leading business valuation firms in Dubai, providing these services to all types of firms from all industries (construction, advertising, banking, offshore corporations), all of which are under the authority of the Dubai Economic Department and established anywhere in Dubai. 

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi welcomes business owners and investors because it is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, British Arabian also suggests Business in Abu Dhabi for Valuation. 

Sharjah: The business valuation in Sharjah elaborates thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, making this state very significant for the UAE budget. Specialized services with years of experience in offering those business valuation are available at British Arabian. 

Fujairah: In addition to offering business valuation services in Dubai, British Arabian is regarded as the best also in Fujairah, an area on the UAE’s eastern coast. 

Ajman: The valuation services offered by British Arabian are made available to all businesses that require information about their most recent financial standing. We are active in Ajman to provide you with a full spectrum of Business Valuation services, just like we are in other states. 


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Business Valuations Dubai UAE

A Highly Experienced Team

The team at British Arabian is highly experienced and has just the right resources to offer the best business valuation services in Dubai. You can benefit from this valuation in the following way:

1. Knowing the true worth of the business: Business owners frequently underestimate or exaggerate the value of their companies, so it is important to acquire a professional or expert opinion in this matter since knowing the true worth of the firm is crucial for many key reasons.

2. Supporting information for the investment: It has been observed that many business owners seek investment for their companies without first having them valued. This sends the wrong signal to potential investors, who may conclude that the owner is not serious about their company. Additionally, it has been observed that owners frequently received far less capital than their company actually merited since they lacked information on the company’s valuation. Therefore, it is strongly advised to obtain a business valuations services in Dubai.

3. Beneficial During Mergers or Acquisitions: When merging or acquiring a company, the acquiring company will aim to buy the company at the lowest price. Thus, management can quote the most competitive price if a business valuations has been conducted. 

4. Beneficial during ownership reorganization: If your firm undergoes ownership restructuring, such as when some partners leave, some partners’ shares increase, or ownership is transferred, the business valuation is very helpful since it allows for the right allocation of resources.

5. Assessing business performance and formulating plans: You may determine where your company or business stands right now in relation to your established goals or ambitions by knowing the valuation of your organization. For instance, if your aim was to increase your company’s value to $2 million by 2020 but it is currently only worth $1 million, you can take the necessary steps and develop plans to advance your firm in the future and reach your next goal. 

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How to Value a Company or a Business?

The following groups of factors can be used as justifications for getting a business valuation: 


Buy-sell agreements, ESOPs, exit planning, and equity financing 

Tax Reporting:
Charitable Donations, C-to-S Conversions, Gift and Estate Tax 
Financial Reporting:

Portfolio valuations, derivatives, goodwill impairment testing, and purchase price allocations in purchases 


Divorces, shareholder disputes, and financial losses the value of a company is, however, determined by business appraisers in what ways? 

Income Approach:

Balances the necessary return for taking on the associated risk with the projected advantages from investing in the company. This strategy takes into account anticipated variations in income, earnings, working capital requirements, and capital expenditures.

Market Approach:
Calculates a company’s value using comparable publicly traded companies as well as sales or mergers of similar businesses. 
Asset Approach:

Calculates a company’s fair market value by deducting its obligations from its assets. This strategy is frequently employed for underperforming businesses; however, it is inappropriate for businesses with significant profits and intangible assets.

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It is crucial that you take your time before choosing the right business evaluations services in Dubai. British Arabian is a approved certified global company offering the most credible valuation services in the market since its establishment.

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