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RCIS Certified Commercial Property Valuation Company in Dubai

British Arabian was established in 2009 to offer the highest standard of commercial property Valuation in Dubai, along with other property associated services. We have a thorough understanding of the UAE property market as panel valuers for many banks and financial institutions in the UAE and MENA region.

For private and corporate clients, as well as international and domestic banks, we value all commercial properties. We approach everything we do with professionalism, diligence, and integrity.

Hence, if you are seeking a reliable Property Valuation Dubai simply get in touch with the experts at British Arabian. You can give us a call on +971 4 420 5316. You may also write to us on, our cordial team would be happy to assist you.

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The leading Commercial Property Valuation Company in Dubai 

British Arabian is popular as one of the leading commercial property valuation companies in Dubai. This is due our experience, market credibility and our congenial customer service.  

Our turnaround times are widely regarded as among the quickest in the industry, and we achieve this without jeopardizing our professional integrity or exceedingly high standards. We strive to submit our report within one working day of receiving the instruction and inspecting the property whenever possible. 

With our Real Estate Valuation in Dubai, you can rest assured that all the legal as well as managerial aspects are taken care of by the experts. Get in touch with us to discuss any doubts that may arise.  

Benefits of Professional Commercial Property Valuation in Dubai

In a competitive real estate economy like Dubai’s, it is vital for you to go for commercial property valuation in Dubai. It has multiple benefits for both, the buyer as well as the user.

Mutual Benefits:

  • A property valuation will provide you with an accurate estimate of the value of your commercial valuation property. 
  • It will evaluate any potential risks or problems.  

Benefits for Buyers:

  • It assists you in avoiding overpaying for a commercial valuation property 
  • Our Commercial properties valuation process equips the buyer with accurate information which further enables smooth borrowing and mortgage processes. 

Benefits for Sellers:

  • It can save you from selling your property for less than its true value. 
  • A house valuation will assist you in determining the current market value of your property. 


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Discuss Your Requirement with Our Team Today. 

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Highly Experienced Team - Specialised Valuations

British Arabian has a team of highly-skilled professionals exclusively for commercial property valuation in Dubai as well as other parts of the UAE. For each type of asset and for various purposes, we offer a full range of Business Valuation Services, including: – 

  • Loan security / bank finance 
  • Investment projects 
  • Development projects 
  • Single properties and portfolios 
  • Year-end financial reporting 
  • IPO listings 
  • Expert witness & litigation support 
  • Plant and machinery valuations 
  • Portfolio optimisation and more 

All you need to do is get in touch with our team and learn more about our services and how we can benefit you.  

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Trusted Commercial Property Valuation in Dubai 

We have dealt with a diverse clientele, both, buyers as well as sellers and assisted them with the commercial property valuation in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE.  

Working for many of the world’s largest operators, funds, and investors, providing accurate and dependable advice that is critical to the success of any real estate investment. Our RICS-qualified valuers in the UAE provide valuation reports that meet the highest international professional standards, including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the United Kingdom. 

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Our FAQs

Frequently answered questions

How much does commercial property valuation in Dubai cost?

Commercial report costs are typically negligible in comparison to the regular outlay and are typically quoted per work. 

The cost of valuation reports varies depending on the type of subject property and the desired report style. 

What exactly is the distinction between valuation and evaluation?

The valuation is a formal report that covers all areas of worth with accompanying documentation, whereas the evaluation describes a more informal, ad hoc appraisal. Some people might define each slightly differently or come to the conclusion that there is no distinction between the two.

Are appraisals from real estate agents and valuations different from one another?

A real estate agent’s appraisal and an independent valuation are two examples of documents with distinct uses. In order to determine the selling price at which the property should be listed on the market and sold. 

An agent employs his extensive local market expertise. For a variety of clients, including banks, solicitors, financial planners, and individual property owners for a variety of objectives, a Certified Practising Property Valuer will perform a valuation, which is a legal document. 

What are some of the most important aspects valuers consider? 

A qualified property valuer will take the following factors into account when valuing a property: 

  • the area of the land, the aspect or views provided by the property, and the terrain and layout of the block and house. 
  • the building’s size and design. 
  • the property’s proximity to amenities including shops, schools, and public transportation. 
  • the home’s architectural design on the property. 
  • the property’s state of repair and condition. 
  • whether the property has the possibility for renovation or development. 
  • the property’s highest and best usage. 
  • how many bathrooms and bedrooms there are. 
  • the size of the bathroom and kitchen (s) and more.  
How is the client helped? 

Once you’ve had the valuation, you will be well-informed and able to discuss your property with anyone because you will be fully aware of the market, its forces, and its value at that particular time. If you are thinking about selling your property, you will have control over the sale process, be in possession of a legal document, and have obtained impartial professional advice from a party with no conflict of interest. A valuation report is a qualified evaluation of your property’s value that complies with legal requirements. 

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Shopping malls, retail, investment property, industrial, land plots, offices are few of the commercial properties for which we offer valuation. Thus, if you are ready to get your commercial property valuated by the experts, get in touch! 

Simply dial +971 4 420 5316 and speak to our team regarding queries, feedback or for hiring our services. You can also write to us on our cordial team will surely get back to you in no time.  




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