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At British Arabian, we are able to provide Insurance Reinstatement Valuations for buildings and other assets, including loss of income. Our expert RICS-qualified valuers provide prompt and accurate valuations of property and business assets for insurance purposes, which includes loss of income.  

It is crucial for businesses to be mindful of the potentially damaging impact that out-of-date valuations or undervalued assets can have when facing an insurance claim. If the valuation of your property and assets is out-of-date, you could potentially face a huge financial loss should the worst happen, as your insurance will no longer be valid.  

The task of maintaining accurate valuations can feel daunting and often something that can be put off for ‘another day’, but too often, that day never comes. These businesses are hit with significant losses as claim pay-outs are vastly out of sync with true values, and this can all be avoided by simply keeping your insurance valuations up to date.  

This is something that we can assist with at British Arabian, as our RICS-qualified valuers can handle all insurance valuations across Dubai and the UAE. With our skills, knowledge, and experience, we can keep your insurance valuations up to date, ensuring you are always covered.   

Insurance Valuation for property

Do I need an insurance valuation? 

The simple answer is that yes, you need an insurance valuation, as this values the total cost of your property and any business assets and ensures your insurance policy covers this cost. Without an insurance valuation, your property and assets won’t be covered by your insurance and should the worst happen, you face a huge financial loss.   

All asset valuations are project managed by our expert insurance valuers from start to finish to give you the peace of mind that all aspects are taken care of. Your insurer will be in possession of up-to-date, robust, and accurate valuation reports that will stand up to scrutiny in the event of a claim.  

Insurance Valuation services


Insurance valuations of buildings and the many types of machinery and other business assets that your business owns are highly recommended by insurers, particularly in the following circumstances:  

  • Where current valuations are several years out of date  
  • Where there is a significant reliance on foreign machinery  
  • Where assets and machinery are old  
  • Where a business has undertaken significant restructuring, investment, or downsizing  

An up-to-date valuation will ensure that the level of insurance coverage provided is appropriate, and they are often required as part of the due diligence process when renewing a policy.   

Expert valuations from our insurance valuers can also avoid the application of valuation averages being applied to assets in the event of a claim which can result in underpayment of claims. Accurate valuations often enable a simple and quick negotiation process with loss adjusters, therefore speeding up the settlement of a claim.  

With a team of both property and plant and machinery valuers, we can meet all of your insurance valuation needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  


British Arabian was first founded in 2009, and we have gone from strength to strength as a company since our establishment. Our team are all highly accredited and qualified members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and every member boasts experience in the property markets across GCC, North and East Africa, and the Levant regions.   


Here at British Arabian, we were one of the first valuation firms in the region to be Regulated by RICS and the first GCC firm to fully commit to RICS Valuer Registration in 2010. We pride ourselves on leading our competitors in demonstrating our commitment to professional regulation, and we always aim to provide the highest standard of work possible on all insurance valuations in Dubai and the UAE 

We promise to serve our clients with qualified professionals on every insurance valuation, as every member of our team has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to provide a first-class service. Our team of RICS-qualified insurance valuers will handle every aspect of your insurance valuation, ensuring it is accurate and up-to-date and that you are fully covered.  

Our expert team has the skill and experience to undertake any insurance valuation required for a range of businesses, and we always tailor our valuations to you individually. We will produce high-quality, accurate, and professional insurance valuations, all for a competitive price.  

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