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The cost of fixed assets for a business is determined in part by the heavy equipment valuation, which includes plants and machinery valuation. If your company is substantial and you have a lot of equipment, you must keep track of its value for a variety of reasons, such as buying, selling, or reporting.

The value of the equipment you have at your disposal can be determined with the aid of plant and machinery valuation services.

Along with providing its top-notch services throughout the Middle East and beyond, British Arabian also provides plant and machinery valuation Dubai. Through knowledge, experience, and excellence, our machinery and equipment valuation team offer well-defined asset value services. Above all, our Plant valuation and Machinery Valuation divisions offers a comprehensive package of valuation solutions that adheres to best practices and international standards.

Additionally, in 2010, we became the first firm in the GCC to fully commit to RICS Valuer Registration. We are one of the first Regulated By RICS valuation firms in the region.

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Steps For Plant and Heavy Machinery Valuation 

There are five steps through which plant and heavy machinery can be valued:

  • Step 1: Analysis
    The evaluator specifies the customer, the precise item that requires appraisal, the purpose of the appraisal, its intended usage, and the concept of value at this point.
  • Step 2: Gathering
    The appraiser gathers data important to the valuation in this step. Each piece of equipment is established, classified, and described by the person in question using details such the item’s serial number, maker, and hours/miles. 
  • Step 3: Implementation
    The evaluator chooses which of the three methods—sales comparison, cost, or income—should be applied to the particular valuation.
  • Step 4:  Valuation
    The appraiser creates a market value opinion for the equipment based on the strategy they decided on in step three.
  • Step 5: Conclude
    In line with International Standards of Valuation, the appraiser will then compile the appraisal report. The report is given to the client mentioned in step after any reconciliations have been completed. 

Highly Experienced Team Of Plant And Equipment Valuers in Dubai

Valuers at British Arabian can handle projects of all sizes and has the knowledge and experience necessary to value the complete range of machinery valuation and plant valuation. We are aware that values need for the expertise of a highly qualified, extremely experienced valuer who is capable of handling this delicate duty with the highest professionalism. We have assembled a group of dedicated plant and machinery valuers who are committed to forging enduring bonds with our clients as a result of this.

Our skilled team can offer you our services when:

  • You are buying or selling plant and heavy machinery.
  • You need equipment financing.
  • You need financial reports.
  • You need to manage and mitigate risks

Our expert plant and equipment valuation team has the technical and practical industrial knowledge necessary to provide a trustworthy and accurate valuation service across all industry sectors. All plant and mechanical asset types are covered in-depth by Land Sterling’s expertise, which spans all industry sectors.

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Our Other Valuation Services in UAE 

The plant and machinery valuation services provided by British Arabian are supported by time-tested value techniques. Our group of qualified plant and machinery valuers will examine your company’s assets and provide you with an estimation of their current value. You can make future decisions regarding equipment finance based on the information provided. 

Some of the other valuation services offered by us throughout the UAE are:

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Our capacity to conduct thorough plant and machinery valuation and offer thorough reporting is unmatched. Our clients receive in-depth asset descriptions, life projections, condition reports, along with their associated values, all backed up by credible research and data. Hence, if you are seeking diligence, professionalism and trust, then get in touch with British Arabian today. Dial +971 4 420 5316 and speak to our team. You may also write to us on , our team will not only get back to you soon but also make sure all your doubts are clarified.




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